In the two-player game Quadrio, players compete to be the first to place four discs in a row — but it’s tricky to do so since the discs can move to new locations as players rotate the plastic device that serves as the playing area.

The playing field is a 4×4 grid that’s overlaid with troughs on each side of it, with troughs on opposite sides of the field running perpendicular to one another. On a turn, a player slides one of their discs into a trough. That’s it! Before or after inserting a disc, a player can hold the device by any of the four corners and turn it to look at either side. When a player grabs a different corner and holds the device by it, discs inside might slide in their troughs to new positions. Have you created a four-in-a-row of your discs (on one or a combination of both sides of the playing area) after taking your turn? If so, you win!

Games of Quadrio can be quick as it’s hard to keep an eye on all eight possible orientations of the device. Thus, the publisher recommends playing multiple rounds, such as seeing who can first win three games out of five.